We are a group of friends living in the UK who share a passion for writing. We have all experienced moments of writer’s block, where finding the right words to express our ideas seemed like an impossible task.


That’s why we created checkout-staticip. Our mission is to help writers overcome blocks by providing them with high-quality AI-assisted writing services.


Our team consists of experts in artificial intelligence and content writing. We work hard to develop and improve our AI-assisted writing technology, using the latest technological advancements to deliver superior quality services.

At checkout-staticip, we believe that AI technology can help improve the efficiency and quality of writing. Our AI-assisted writing service enables writers to produce content faster and more effectively, using relevant keywords and well-crafted phrases.


We are proud to provide superior quality services and support our clients at every step of their writing journey. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you overcome writer’s block and achieve your writing goals.

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